Welcome to MST Global's connected digital mine.

Welcome to MST Global’s connected digital mine.

In this video we demonstrate some of the ways our software and hardware combine to enable optimal performance for safety and productivity in underground mines.

As an organisation, we are dedicated to creating, supporting, and extending a safe working environment for our employees, our customers and our stakeholders, wherever they may operate in the world. And we deliver this through the products we make.

With over 30 years of expert development in close consultation with our customers, our entire product suite now brings meaning to the digital operations of underground mining:

  • From our foundation technology – PED, to our tracking tags, our network infrastructure, and our software capabilities.
  • From the face to the surface.
  • Where MST AXON and MST HELIX meet, data becomes information.

If you are ready to start thinking about your operational data differently – let’s talk! Contact one of our local experts today.

January 30, 2022