Consultancy Services

Over a 30 year history of technology innovation and successful implementation our operational processes are unmatched in the industry. We partner with you to understand where you are in your journey, address your main concerns and help find you a path to success. Our experience in consultancy spans over underground hard rock and coal mining, surface mining, remote construction and tunneling.

Our technology consultants will identify the right technology and processes which yield the most improvements and will measure the impact that will have on your business. We analyse work-time vs time-on-shift, trip-cycles vs cycle-times for production equipment and many more operational improvements can be uncovered.

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Support Services

We offer tailored support services for different business needs for all our technology solutions.

Our Support Framework is based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), adapted for use in service delivery to remote sites.

A Service Desk

For recording all transaction details and updates, and for tracking of service level compliance.

Incident Management

Problem Management as an optional add-on to Incident Management.

Software Maintenance

Where this is included in the support agreement. Includes all required software or firmware updates for MST provided solution elements.

Hardware Maintenance

Typically available only where on-site presence is included in the deliverables.


Advanced reporting may also offer Capacity and Availability Management.

If you have a support contract please log a ticket here.

If you are not on a support contract but need to log a ticket please emails your nearest support desk here.

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Managed Services

Our Managed Services provides you with the support to improve your operations and look at output across your site or project. We utilise voice communications solutions during the construction of remote pipelines, railroads and roads, the services suit almost any temporary remote work site. We have established the means to provide managed camp solutions targeted toward shorter-term camps for the needs of construction businesses, from 2-way VHF and UHF, to complete voice, data and entertainment systems, and our team have a broad and competent knowledge of equipment, including solar infrastructure, networks, satellite, and environmental monitoring.

We understand that every business, every mine and every site have different driving needs and we offer tailored solutions to address those needs.

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