Our automation solutions enable the ability to automate certain processes in harsh underground environments. An example of this is traffic management.

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  • Automate various processes
  • Plug and play AXON module
  • Versatile solution
  • Cost effective


Our environmental solutions have been built on open standards, providing the capability to integrate other applications, IoT, and third-party sensors with our solutions. Our high bandwidth and future-connectivity-enabled solutions are the backbone that will help you access your people, assets and processes throughout a mine or tunnel.

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Strata Movement

Our wireless sensor solution integrates seamlessly with our platform, gathering data from strata and rock strain gauges that monitor strata movement. Capturing data on strata movement is imperative when keeping people safe and understanding long term strata behaviour. When a blast is shot on the surface, strata movements should be measured underground to understand the impact that has been placed in this already difficult environment.

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  • Monitors strata movement
  • Personnel and asset safety
  • Designed to fit rock bolts
  • Low power consumption

Vehicle Telemetry

MST's vehicle telemetry solutions provide access to vehicle data, location, and engine operating parameters and loads. This on-board data is then sent to our software platform, or to your specified systems that can allow the control room to analyse, report and manage the information.

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  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Integrated location tracking
  • Off-line data buffering
  • Integrated proximity awareness