In 1990 we deployed the first PED system utilising TTE technology, the first customer to utilse this technology was South Bulli Mine. Building off our success and reputation in underground communications we have built a product range specifically focused on Network Infrastructure, Communication Devices, IoT Sensors & Automation, Safety & Tracking, and Software Solutions.

Our extensive portfolio forms part of our digital ecosystem of devices and applications that can operate independently or integrate with each other to offer broader operational and safety benefits. We have specifically designed and engineered these products for the hard-rock underground mining environment. Our design not only covers technical performance but the practicality of deploying and maintaining the systems in an underground mine. This vital aspect is often overlooked when technology made for the ‘carpeted office’ is applied underground.

Our hard-rock mining technologies operate independently or in combination to meet your specific communication and data networks requirements, as well as provide you with the platform to enable and support various fleet management systems (FMS) and general ERP systems.

Imagine being able to access all your data underground. All personnel and assets are connected, have the ability to communicate and can report effectively back to the control room in real-time.

We have a suite of products that were developed specifically for the challenges the underground hard rock industry faces.

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