MST releases Uninterruptible Power Supply range

MST Global (MST) is introducing the new AXON UPS range of power supplies. 

MST has developed an extensive range of network solutions and safety equipment for harsh environment operations and are recognized worldwide for their intelligent, industry-spec software and hardware solutions. A critical part of any network is the power supply which is often viewed as secondary concern.  In fact, using the most appropriate power supply eases installation requirements and ensures long term reliability and scalability of the network.  That is, power supplies are critical in keeping the total cost of ownership down.

MST’s AXON UPS are designed specifically to further improve power management in underground networks in a cost-effective manner.  Uninterrupted power is critical for the safety and productivity of all mines and tunnel operations, and in developing these industry-spec UPS, MST can now offer greater reliability and more holistic system solutions.

AXON Mini UPS is a single-level uninterruptible power supply designed to enable several of the most popular use cases in tunnelling and hard rock environments. AXON Mini is ideal for operational scenarios where the area needing power requires only one UPS per network node, where power loads do not exceed 60W or where the focus is on tunnelling or non-complex stand-alone automation solutions.

AXON Connect UPS is a mid-level power supply that can enable voice and other IP solutions for the tunnelling and hard rock environments. AXON Connect serves as both the PoE injector and the network junction device for a number of daisy chained PoE clients such as Wi-Fi access points. It also provides space and power for an optional industrial PC that can be placed inside the enclosure.

AXON Force UPS is the most extensive of the power supplies ideal for hard rock mines and extensive tunnel networks. AXON Force can power-up IP networks and each unit is able to support multiple chained network nodes connected via composite cable. Additionally, AXON Force can be paired with a remote monitoring kit for enhanced manageability.


“More often than not, the supply of power to the digital network and client devices in the underground environment comes as an afterthought, after the purchase of the main network gear. The situation is then further complicated by the fact that the main power outlets are not readily available underground and their installation is typically very expensive.” Said Dmitri Fechine, Product Manager at MST. “By bringing the power supply considerations upfront and offering a range of suitable power supply solutions suitable for various scenarios MST is helping customers to reduce their capital and operational expenses as well as to improve the overall system performance and reliability.”

By delivering a scalable range of UPS products, MST offers more flexibility to customers in both price and features. There is no compromise on quality – the three UPS are built and fully supported by MST and are designed to connect seamlessly with existing MST products.

August 28, 2018