Today MST Global launches FUSION Cortex, underground voice communications network and smart phone solution

“MST customers will now have a solution that integrates with their existing surface telecommunications network. Our Cortex solution also works seamlessly with Wi-Fi and LTE networks, meaning our customers no longer need products from multiple suppliers for their phone, radio, data-network and VoIP applications,” said Jeremy Hanrahan, Software Product Manager, MST Global.

Our FUSION Cortex solution not only allows you to keep in touch with your personnel underground, it will allow a control room operator to locate personnel also. In an emergency, Cortex has the man-down feature which will help to not only locate but to send immediate instructions to all relevant people. This smart phone is an expandable device and allows the user to access other third-party applications.

For more information please download the FUSION Cortex brochure here.

For our formal communication please download the press release here.

If you wish to find out more about our FUSION Cortex solution please reach out to us today.

March 19, 2020