People & Asset Tracking

Our tracking solutions are used across underground and surface mining to provide real-time location of personnel and assets. Having this tracking capability enables a number of safety and productivity applications to be applied to gain value. Our RFID tags use our Network Infrastructure solutions eliminating the need for any additional dedicated tracking infrastructure.

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  • Increases safety and productivity
  • Proximity detection
  • One-way text to personnel
  • RFID Tag

Proximity Detection

Our proximity detection solutions, also known as collision avoidance systems, control risks associated with personnel-machine and machine-machine interactions.

We offer two solutions depending on the particular risks you are seeking an extra level of control for.

Proximity Detection

This system uses a low frequency magnetic field to create a ‘detection bubble’ around machines.  As personnel or another machine carrying our Proximity Tag approach, various levels of alert can be raised between 0.5 m to 20 m from the machine.

Situational Awareness

This system uses an on-board Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tag reader to detect a RFID tracking tag approaching the machine.  This alerts the vehicle driver to someone in their vicinity as they approach within 60m to 120m of their vehicle.

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  • Visible and audio alerts
  • Multiple detection zones
  • Personnel tags
  • Vehicle tags

Through-the-Earth Messaging

Our PED through-the-earth (TTE) emergency communications is the product solution that started the company and remains the only widely deployed through-the earth mine communication system. The ability of the system to transmit directly through rock strata ensures all parts of an underground mine are within signal range, all the time.

The PED transmission system supports personal paging (text messaging), emergency warning, and remote switching of equipment.  Another special application of the PED system is the BlastPED System to provide the remote blast initiation system.

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  • Emergency evacuation warning
  • Personnel paging
  • Remote blasting initiation
  • Remote equipment control