Announcing the latest in Wireless Repeater Node technology

The WRN is a game changer in data & communications from active working areas

Mine Site Technologies (MST) are proud to introduce the release of the lightweight, fully portable, self-contained Wireless Repeater Node (WRN). With multiple patents pending, the WRN is a Self-Meshing Access Point for the ad-hoc extension of a mine’s Wi-Fi network, now available on the market.The WRN is a game changer in data & communications from active working areas.

WRN: Wireless Repeater Node

WRN: Wireless Repeater Node

The MST WRN is a huge advance in wireless mesh technology. Its use ensures Wi-Fi is available in all parts of the mine, even the most active, in the lightest, most portable, efficient, self-contained and cost effective method available on the global market. No power or data cables required.

The pressing needs of the modern mine to have safer, faster and more extensive communication – to leverage IoT – has never been more prevalent. In direct response to this need, the WRN converges data requirements onto a single network, simplifying the installation and maintenance of a mine’s data highway by extending the existing Wi-Fi network. Lightweight, small and easily portable, the WRN fills the communications void typically found between active mining faces and fixed infrastructure, to get signal to and from these dynamic mining areas

wrn-network-extension-schematicThe WRN provides up to 120 hours of operation and is considerate of the 24-hour reserve required for emergency communications in certain mining laws, such as the US MINER Act. Ideal to maintain Wi-Fi signal in temporary work areas, such as drilling and loading drives, coal mine faces etc, the WRN has a 30 node capability in a redundant mesh implementation or up to 10 hops in a “Long Chain” implementation.

The featured wireless meshing allows full Wi-Fi connectivity without any power or data cables. The dual battery system allows for hot swapping of the batteries so as to maintain any active links, keeping the mesh “alive” whilst depleted batteries are swapped with refreshed units. The fully unique and patented mechanism, the Lachlan Wheel®, ensures that only one battery can be removed and replaced at a time – ensuring continuity of service.

The WRN is designed Intrinsically Safe to international explosion protection requirements and has multiple hanging and mounting options. The flexible antenna arrangements means the fixed internal antennas can be used, or a variety of external antennas for special applications or signal requirements can be utilised.­­

The WRN is the missing link in the communications industry’s arsenal. Fully developed and manufactured by Mine Site Technologies Pty Ltd, the WRN will be showcased for the first time at MINExpo 2016, Booth 2371 N.

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