FARA – Underground and Surface Mining

FARA – Field Analysis and Reporting Application –  is an innovative fleet and personnel productivity management system that is low cost, easy to install and use, and can help to significantly reduce operating costs.

Through the use of digitised forms, gamification, IoT beacon technology and automatic cycle and event tracking and triggers, FARA provides benefits including:

  • Reduced entry errors
  • More engaged, more productive employees
  • Safer working environments
  • Increased productivity


Fleet & Personnel Productivity Management

  • Real-time tracking of fleet and personnel
  • Time management and optimisation
  • Digitisation of traditional paper forms
  • Programmable triggers
  • Custom dispatch algorithms
  • Custom sequence cycles
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Underground location tracking
  • Personnel <-> machine proximity
  • Motivation through gamification

Digital Forms
Fully customized forms, checklists, safety and environmental audits, inspections, and visitor sign-in can all be input and accessed through FARA, eliminating the need for paper forms which can be time consuming and can result in data entry errors. FARA tracks the time, location and user and can even capture photos, audio and signatures.  Through the native FARA app, data can be captured even when no internet connection is available.

Business Intelligence 
FARA collects all shift data and provides management with valuable data and insights which can facilitate fast, cost-saving operational optimizations. Further interpretation of data provides trends and information like standing , hauling and queuing times and operator time-management which allows managers to make additional ongoing improvements.

Gamification employs game-design elements and principles to like points, medals and team scoreboards to improve user engagement and productivity. FARA ‘s gamification provides real-time personal & team score feedback as well as historical information and through this quantitative timely monitoring, supervisors and peers can extend positive feedback on performance.

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Better container utilisation boosts profitability>

Knowing the exact location and movements of shipping containers assures the availability of supplies and equipment.

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