Build Your Entire Digital Ecosystem Underground with our New Mining Software HELIX

Underground mining technology has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years.

There are many impressive product solutions available in the market to digitalise operations, improve productivity and safety.

But when the hardware and software solutions deployed on site aren’t speaking the same language, mining operations can potentially miss out on a whole host of benefits at their fingertips.

At MST Global we have just launched a platform that is set to revolutionise the way mining operations use their technology on site, record, interpret and manage their data, track personnel and equipment, and visualise their operations.

Our brand-new software solution is HELIX our next-generation platform that builds your complete digital ecosystem underground, working with all your hardware and software already on site, to drive real productivity and safety improvements across your operations.

HELIX was built around your company’s operational needs and can be implemented across all your underground mining operations, no matter where you’re at in your digital transformation journey, how many mines you have in your portfolio, or the existing systems you have in place.

“With HELIX, we empower you to do more with your data, pulling all your software, hardware and third-party integrations into one platform, and turning that data into actionable ‘decision-making’ information that promotes greater safety and productivity,” MST Global Product Management & Marketing General Manager Mark Palmer said.

“It gives personnel, mine managers, contractors and members of the executive team an unparalleled overview of operations to ensure underground operations are running smoothly, safely, and data is relevant, accessible and tailored to what’s important to you.

“Full connectivity benefits, means no cobbled together solutions that deliver partial results.”

Figure 1 HELIX integrates all of your software, hardware and third-party technology into one platform.


Our HELIX software comprises of three key modules; 3DConnect, Automation, and Sentinel, which work together to enable you to manage, scale and maintain your operational goals.

HELIX 3DConnect

HELIX 3DConnect is your eyes and ears underground, providing 2D and 3D visualisations of your operations in real time and a custom dashboard displaying the information that is important to you.

This gives a total overview of all your mine sites, the location of your personnel, fixed and mobile assets and technology devices in one easy-to-use interface.

Special features include:

  • View multiple mines across multiple mine sites, all located in one place on the platform
  • Scene control to create personalised optimised views from complex or intricate views of the mine model
  • Filtering capability to focus on groups or people and asset types
  • People and equipment clumping for overview resolving to individuals as more detail required
  • Ability to see above and below ground to understand the relationships between the two
  • Drag-n-Drop style UX for import of map data from sources such as CAD files.

There is also an in-built direct messaging feature within the 2D map functionality so you can reach out to personnel in an instant.

Check out the video below to see how this 2D and 3D visualisation feature works.


Automation: Control & Monitoring

Then there’s HELIX Automation, a module that brings our AXON Control product to life, configuring, managing and monitoring localised and distributed automation events underground.

The platform sets up automation processes underground, and monitors sensor activity that trigger a series of events, including ventilation on demand through personnel and vehicle tracking movements; turning on and off water pumps while managing the capacity of the water tank; and better traffic management.

By integrating all these localised processes into one software platform, this improves safety and efficiency across operations. It also feeds all your data from third-party technologies into a central location.

Users can set up unique rules for their individual needs using the geospatial information from 3D mapping and tracking data, as seen in the video below.


Sentinel: Tracking & Personnel Management

Sentinel is the third division of HELIX, tracking personnel from the moment they sign on for their shift, recording how long they have been in certain areas and assisting with the management of their individual health and wellbeing, and in the event of a crisis.

By having access to this data digitally in real time, managers can track how many people are in an area at one time and feel confident data is accurate by eliminating the risk of human error.

Rules can also be applied to keep people safe and compliant through managing access into and out of hazardous work zones, as seen in the video below.


Want to learn more about how HELIX can build your digital ecosystem, improve safety and productivity at your operations?

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November 30, 2020