MST in the News | April 15, 2015

MST makes an Impact Underground

International Mining (IM) recently featured MST’s Impact Network in it’s evaluation of key players and innovators in mining technology.

IM Editor, Paul Moore, describes MST as making an Impact in Underground Mining, with over 100 installations around the world and it’s ongoing development is driven by mine operators themselves.

The introduction of Wi-fi and digital networks in underground mines over the last few years has been a significant contributor to supporting underground technology innovations. MST’s Impact addresses the “short-comings” of other off-the-shelf networks as it is easy to install and requires less power to maintain.

The article highlights how MST’s intelligent architecture of it’s Impact Network, has proved successful as a reliable underground mine network solution not only providing tracking and and two-way communications but can also be used for managing and streamlining mining processes such as MST’s MineDash reporting.

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