Driving Operational Productivity 

As innovations in technology bring automation in mines one step closer to reality, how will mines integrate these solutions to achieve greater control over their mine operations?

Mining industry objectives have evolved over the years to meet the increasing demand for more efficient methods of production, more transparent operational processes and smarter working environments.

While safety is a key motivation in the move towards automation, productivity improvements are a key driver.  Remote mining and automation allows for repeatable and consistent processes in critical aspects of the mining cycle.

Whether it is automated trucks in large open pit mine, self driving loaders (scoops) running on the production level in a hard rock mine or longwall automation, the one common factor is the need for high quality and reliable connectivity.   This mine data network need sot not only support the sophisticated, time critical commands of the control protocols, but also support the peripheral monitoring that enables the automation  system to operate productively and safely.

These supporting systems range from video cameras, gas monitors, safety barriers, emergency stop controls,  and other data that must be transmitted and received in real time without interrupting the core control data of the vehicles that the vehicle OEMs require.

As mining companies aim to invest in complex systems to automate their operations, in today’s current economic environment there are considerable benefits to be gained from focusing on data automation solutions and integrating these solutions with existing infrastructure to achieve cost and time effective outcomes.

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Data automation has the ability to automate and capture of operational data for processing, analysis, and real time reporting to create positive, immediate and a cost effective impact in mine production outcomes.

Leverage  infrastructure and technology investments installed for such requirements as tracking miners underground and using VoIP phones,  can turn your operational data into real-time business intelligence at very little extra cost.  This is the start of driving rapid and continuous improvement across operations.

MST provides solutions across all industries, covering a range of services and applications from voice and data communications, to people and equipment tracking, through to supporting third party management & ERP systems.

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