MST’s AXON Dock extends edge computing up to 100m from Core

Brisbane, Queensland – MST Global has released its new AXON Dock device as an extension for the company’s high-performance AXON Core network platform, optimising architectural capability and reducing overall network infrastructure cost for underground mining.

A lightweight, cost-effective solution for extending the backbone of the AXON network by providing mounting and connectivity for a single AXON Control or AXON Gateway module.

Benefits of the Dock include compatibility with MST’s AXON Control and AXON Gateway modules, compatibility with all currently available and future AXON Core variants, as well as any third-party POE – optimising a mine’s existing network backbone by facilitating connection with MST’s automation and IoT solutions with the HELIX platform.
Additionally, by being positioned up to 100m from a POE site, Dock modules can be placed in the location for the task they are required to do.

One of the highest performance network platforms, MST’s AXON Core enables simultaneous voice, video, and data transmissions; while offering the ability for IoT, Cloud and Edge computing applications to operate at maximum functionality at any scale. Up to three 1Gbps composite fibre-and-power cables can be plugged directly into the AXON Core, using high-quality and heavy duty pre-terminated Harting connectors.

The AXON Dock is IP65 rated, compliant to IEC 62368-1, and has passed EMC compliance testing, conforming to CE and FCC standards, making it available to be marketed and sold in Europe and EFTA countries, North America, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Built for harsh mining and tunnelling environments, MST’s modular, multifunctional AXON platform is the foundation for building a digital mine. AXON provides the two-way connectivity needed to acquire and leverage the power of big data and software management systems to enable optimisation of underground operations in real-time.

All AXON products are designed specifically to allow for adoption of future communication and tracking technologies as they mature or become available.

PDF: MST AXON Dock release 14.03.23

April 14, 2023