HELIX Sentinel: Your Mine's Electronic Tag-Board Solution

We are excited to announce the release of HELIX Sentinel, a groundbreaking electronic tag-board system integrated seamlessly into the HELIX platform. Designed to enhance operational safety and efficiency, HELIX Sentinel provides a real-time overview of personnel locations underground through a digital dashboard. This innovative system allows you to visualise and manage the whereabouts of individuals within specific zones, with multiple electronic tag-boards deployed on flat screens in key areas to ensure real-time awareness.

HELIX Sentinel offers a transformative approach to mine operations by delivering real-time insights through intuitive and customisable visual cues. This empowers you to proactively manage personnel safety and optimise mining operations. With the ability to track personnel location and activity data in real-time, the system supports automated zone monitoring, immediate incident response, and continuous enforcement of safety protocols.

Download the data sheet via the links below:

HELIX Sentinel

May 31, 2024