Celebrating 30 Years of MST Global

Over the last 30 years a lot has changed in our business and in the industries we support. One thing that hasn’t changed is our approach.

Here’s a look back in time…

In 1986 Moura No. 4 Mine located in Central Queensland experienced an underground explosion resulting in 12 fatalities. Our founder, Gary Zamel decided there must be a way a mine could communicate with their people underground and survive fires and explosions.  Those thoughts drove the development of the PED system.  At the end of the PED R&D period, in 1989, MST was formed and took PED to the market.  

In 1994 PED won the engineering Excellence Award and we were recognised for this life-saving and unique enabling technology.

Between 1998 and 2004 we continued to develop technology that empowers safety and productivity improvements with the VDV Leaky Feeder Radio, our first RFID Tagging System and the ICCL Cap Lamp.  In 2004 we began to develop the IMPACT suite of technologies, having recognised that bandwidth will be key to the underground mining industry’s plans for remote and automated mining.

In 2011 we acquired Nixon Communications, a surface communications business that has been in operation since 1977. Known in the industry as the number one surface communications supplier across remote pipelines, construction projects and the mining industry.

In 2014 the Integrated Communications Appliance (ICA) software which brought together all our products data and reporting into one place, and our Proximity Detection system was released.

Off the back of our software success in 2017 we acquired MISOM Technologies to expand our surface and software offering to the market.

In 2017 and 2019 we were awarded by Good Design Awards for our flagship products WRN and AXON.


  • 209 employees spanning Australia, China, US, Canada, Chile, Mexico, South Africa and Russia
  • 650+ technology deployments to date
  • We empower the mining, tunnelling and remote construction industries
  • Launched our next-generation all-in-one network platform, AXON

Our approach to the industries we serve is the same today as it was in 1989.  We develop solutions that have the power to not only unearth safety and productivity improvements, but transform the way our customers do business.

We want to take the time to say Thank you! Thank you to our customers across all areas of the business. Thank you to our employees for making an impact. And thank you to the industry for continually presenting opportunities to grow.


December 20, 2019