MST Global set to join Komatsu family of companies

MST Global’s board of directors and senior management team are pleased to announce the agreement to sell 100% shares of MST Global (MST) to Komatsu Ltd (Komatsu). MST and Komatsu are planning to close the acquisition on July 1, 2022, on the condition that all necessary procedures for closing are completed.

Over the past 30 years, MST has become one of the leaders in digital technology used in the underground mining sector and has helped customers build digital ecosystems with real-time insights. In the last 4 years, this growth has been accelerated by investing heavily in the business’ product suite and technology roadmap. With the release of HELIX and AXON, customers can take advantage of a real-time geospatial digital twin to advance their digital strategies for underground.

Both Komatsu and MST share a common vision that underground mining will continue to grow in importance and size. They also have an aligned strategy to rapidly develop new technologies, equipment and solutions to support the industry’s future needs. Empowering its customers growing use of digitalisation and automation to improve safety and productivity, Komatsu plans to work with MST to help customers build digital ecosystems with real-time insights and alerts, voice and communication technologies, software solutions, robust network infrastructure and wireless and geospatial technologies. Together the companies will work to increase availability of high-speed, low latency digital communication, which is necessary to: provide mission-critical communication, integrate IoT solutions, support high bandwidth applications and enable real-time precision tracking, monitoring and automation of mine operations.

By adding MST’s experience and expertise in the introduction of communication devices and optimisation platforms, Komatsu aims to enhance the speed at which it offers advanced technology solutions, including the automation and teleoperation of mining equipment underground. MST will contribute to Komatsu’s digital strategy.

MST’s vision and mission will continue under the MST brand name with its existing team, organisational structure and office locations. Furthermore, MST will continue to supply OEM independent and interoperable solutions to customers.

junio 15, 2022