Portable Wi-Fi Connectivity to all Active Mining Faces


The WRN (Wireless Repeater Node) is MST Global’s industry leading self-meshing network extender. Intended for the ad-hoc extension of a mine’s existing Wi-Fi network, for example MST’s IMPACT Network, the WRN enables VoIP, tracking and data transport to be taken right into the active faces and drives where it is needed most.

The WRN is designed to enable multiple nodes in a redundant mesh implementation (the exact number of nodes will depend on actual network topology) effectively filling communication black spots or “gaps”. In this manner, the WRN fills the communications void typically found between active mining faces and fixed infrastructure, bridging the signal between these dynamic mining areas.

The WRN’s lightweight, small and easily portable design is fast, easy and simple to deploy, delivering connectivity into areas of the mine where cabling is difficult or dangerous to install and maintain.  The self-contained batteries deliver more than 120 hours of operation per charge.

Multiple uses, multiple benefits

Mines require high bandwidth connectivity to operate as safely and efficiently as possible.  Just as general industry on the surface uses Wi-Fi extensively to meet their data and communication requirements, modern mines demand the same.  MST has focused on developing and supplying our IMPACT System, a fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi/IP network to suit underground applications.

Once this network is in place, mines use it to operate a large number of devices and applications.  These include:

  • Tracking people and equipment via Wi-Fi RFID Tags
  • Voice communications via VoIP telephones
  • Two-way data flow from mobile machines and monitoring systems, including video
  • Ventilation on Demand (VoD) by leveraging the tracking system location data and remote control of fans
  • Use of tablets and lap tops undegroround.
  • Supports data to enable tele-remote mining and automation systems, such AutoMine and Minestar
  • Proximity Awareness around equipment

It all starts with a good network.


For more information on how the WRN can benefit your operation, email solutions@mstglobal.com.

septiembre 5, 2018