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Unaffected by low light, rain, dust, or fog


Customisable to your operational requirements


Use anywhere mine-wide, surface and underground

Increase levels of alert and/or action

Repeatable detection zones

Flexible to modify for your needs


Features & Benefits

The MST Global Proximity Detection system uses low frequency magnetics to ensure a repeatable detection range is possible in a variety of environments and around mine infrastructure. Up to fifteen transmitters and fifty tags can operate within the same coverage area.

Additionally, an automated Personnel Tag Checking Station can be provided to give access control into operational areas and allow personnel to check their tags are operating correctly before commencing their shift.

Unaffected by environmental low light, rain, dust or fog, MST’s Proximity Detection for personnel and vehicles provides a complete system, offering a comprehensive proximity safety solution for both personnel and vehicles in real-time.

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Personal proximity tag
  • Visual, audible and physical (vibrational) alerts
  • Light-weight compact design
  • Re-chargeable battery
Logging and auditing
  • Provides “black box” functionality to facilitate the investigation of incidents.
  • Ability to connect to server and upload logged events.
Continuous self diagnostics
  • System uses built-in feedback tags to continuously self-check critical system components.
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Driver Alert
  • Visual, audible and physical for increased safety
Multiple detection zones
  • Flexible to modify for intended use
  • Increase levels of alert and/or action
  • Highly reliable to quickly raise alerts to both vehicle driver and the pedestrian
Repeatable detection zones
  • Low frequency magnetics ensure repeatable detection range in a variety of environments and around mine infrastructure.

MST’s Technology Vodcast

Discover more about MST’s Proximity Detection solution in our latest technology series vodcast:

Tech Talk #9 – Proximity Detection Solutions for Underground Mines and Surface Operations” with former General Manager Product Management and Marketing, Mark Palmer.

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