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About FARA

FARA can be hosted within a local mine network or on a corporate cloud. Being a native mobile app, FARA collects and stores data online using Wi-Fi or cellular connections or, when offline, stores live data in the app. When the connection to the server is re-established the app’s data is synced. Tracking and positioning uses either BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or GPS, meaning the system can be deployed in both underground and surface operations with minimal network infrastructure.

Advanced technology
FARA is designed to utilise IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology found in smart devices and commercial sensors. For example, iBeacon broadcasts between smart devices and fixed or wearable beacons are used for location tracking, proximity awareness and hazard awareness as well as relaying data like equipment ID, status, job code, material and activity. This information can help improve efficiency, accountability and productivity both in real-time and longer-term through data analysis and business intelligence.

  • Increase fleet utilisation
  • Eliminates paper forms
  • Works on and offline
  • Reduced implementation and training time
  • Automatic cycle time capture
  • Works underground and in open pit
  • Reduced shift change time
  • Direct access to productivity DB for mine planning and reporting

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