Tracking & Communications in Turkish Underground Coal Mine

Demir Export’s Eynez East coal mine, in Manisa province in Turkey, has been operating Mine Site Technologies’ underground communication and tracking system since the beginning of 2015.

DE1aDemir Export wanted to enhance safety at their underground operation by tracking the location of personnel as they travelled underground through the mine. This fundamental safety technology was not widely deployed in Turkey, but Demir Export (DE) wanted to be proactive in introducing safety systems into their operations.  By installing MST’s Wi-Fi network in their underground mine, DE was also able to take advantage of using our VoIP MinePhone handsets to allow miners to communicate amongst themselves and to engineers on the surface.  Additionally, it allowed the control room personnel to rapidly contact key people underground to coordinate and manage various tasks more effectively.

MST was honoured to be chosen by Demir Export to supply our ImPact network and associated tracking and communication devices.  We were also very happy to work with a progressive  mining company looking at not just the obvious safety benefits of a tracking system, but also wanting to leverage the systems’ capabilities to improve and enhance safety in other aspects of their underground mine.

For more information on our underground tracking and system please refer to:

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