Wireless Telemetry in Surface Mining

The ability to remotely and wirelessly measure geotechnical and environmental data, or to control blasting offers significant benefits to safety and productivity.


Geotechnical and Environmental Monitoring

Geotechnical monitoring in mining can determine and predict the stability of rock strata. Environmental monitoring consists of the measurement of parameters like rainfall, temperature and windspeed.

As the sensors acquiring this data are typically not close to existing power or data transmission infrastructure, a Wireless Sensor Network is an attractive and often only feasible means of data transfer.

MST’s Wireless Sensor Network extends from any existing underground IP network to connect and integrate sensors from any manufacturer into a single sensor network. This provides a single point for accessing all sensor data, and eliminates the need for multiple vendor specific data networks, thereby reducing the complexity and capital and maintenance costs of the required infrastructure.

Remote Blasting

Coal_seam_blastingBlasting typically uses cable based firing systems, which are expensive to install and maintain. MST’s BlastPED ST wireless remote blasting system offers a numbers of benefits:

  • It reduces the setup costs for labour and hardware.
  • It allows personnel to be further away from the blast area.
  • It eliminates safety issues related to cable induction.
  • It reduces misfires and lost production time.

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