Voice Communications in Underground Coal Mining

Two way communication in an underground mine is a fundamental element of productivity and safety.  MST’s MP70 MinePhone uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to provide voice & text communications between personnel underground, and between underground personnel & the surface. In fact it can be set up for a miner underground to talk to someone on the other side of the world, an example being where an engineer at the mining face was able to talk directly with the OEM’s specialist in another country to resolve a technical issue.

VoIP Phone for Underground Mines

VoIP Phone for Underground Mines

The MinePhone is intrinsically safe (IS) and certified for use in communications in underground coal mines around the world by IEC Ex ia Group 1 Zone 0, MSHA, Pennsylvania, ATEX Ex ia M1, MA, IC, Rostekhnadzor & GOST, DGMS and IA.

MinePhone users can make private, person-to-person VoIP phone calls from anywhere underground within Wi-Fi signal to each other, right through to making calls to outside phones anywhere in the world if authorization is enabled to allow it. The VoIP MinePhones use our WLAN underground Wi-Fi network as the communication backbone throughout the mine.  This same network is often already in place to support tracking people via RFID tags, so  underground mine communications is an easy add on if required.

Also available is 24 channels of Push-To-Talk (PTT) functionality that emulates the same behaviour as two-way radios to simultaneously broadcast calls to groups. This functionality is extended to the “Help Button”, which overrides all forms of voice communication to instantly send individual SOS requests, or safety messages, evacuation instructions and other urgent alerts to all personnel.

Please see our MP70 I.S. MinePhoneor contact us for more information on our Voice Communication solutions.

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