Voice Communication in Surface Mining 

Dawson Nixon VehiclesVoice Communication is a fundamental element of productivity and safety in surface mining, and simple two-way radio, whether analogue or digital, is the primary, most commonly adopted and reliable voice communication solution.

Designing a network topology to suit a mining operation and integrating different technologies from different vendors into a total system is a specialised field. Nixon Communications, a part of MST,  has a proven record in being able to deliver such solutions.


Dawson Nth RadioSolution

MST has alliances with two-way radio market leaders, such as Motorola and Tait,  to offer end-to-end voice solutions or can also combine client specific component selections.

To ensure site wide coverage and obtain the most optimal network layout, our system designers model the combinations of radio frequencies, mine site terrain, and radio signal propagation. We implement the full suite of digital radio features according to our client’s needs; including private calling, text, GPS location, dispatch and control command services.

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