Proximity Detection in Tunnels

Collision Avoidance System (CAS)

Poor visibility, restricted access and the confined working spaces in tunnelling projects  increase the risk of collisions between machines and machines; and machines and personnel. Apart from the risk of injuries to personnel, serious collisions halt operations, incur high indirect costs and have consequences that affect every aspect of the business.

The MST Proximity Detection Systems provide an engineering control to reduce the risk of vehicle/person and vehicle/vehicle interactions.Proximity_UG Truck_c


MST’s uses electromagnetic near field and Wi-Fi tag technology respectively to provide proximity detection and alert solutions for either, or both:

  • Proximity Detection: Inner zone (up to 30m) using electromagnetic near field technology; and/or
  • Proximity Awareness:  Outer zone (60-120m) using active Wi-Fi RFID Tags.

The solution has a 360° field of detection, operates in dusty, muddy and no light environments, and can detect personnel around corners and behind structures.

Proximity Detection Tag can be integrated inside ICCL miners lamp

Proximity Detection Tag can be integrated inside ICCL miners lamp

A key factor in the acceptance by personnel and successful deployments is the effort we have made to have a high degree of integration of these systems into existing infrastructure and equipment. For example, personnel tags are integrated into our ICCL miners cap lamps and use of multifunctional Wi-Fi enabled data logger modules mounted on vehicles, that can not only log proximity interactions, but also upload vehicle load and diagnostic data if required – see our Vehicle Intelligence Platform for further details on these extended applications.

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