Increasing Safety and Productivity for Ports

There is an ever-present and increasing level of risk of collisions for port personnel, especially as ports get busier or incorporate automation. Incidents can cause serious injuries and significantly affect costs, efficiency and MPH (movements per hour) targets.



MST’s proximity detection systems uses electromagnetic near field technology to alert equipment operators and personnel when defined proximity zones are breached. The proximity system is easily installed on any age or type of container handling equipment and enables port operators to avoid collisions, minimise downtime and improve container movements.

For over 25 years MST has developed safety, productivity and communication solutions, and this proximity solution was designed after extensive consultation with port personnel, and testing at multiple ports on various type of container handling equipment.

MST is the OEM designer and supplier of the proximity system for Kalmar for their ports mobile vehicle equipment. 

Kalmar also provides the proximity system solution to port operators globally for all their port operational needs. This unique system has been designed for simple installation across all vehicles, cranes and port container handling equipment, regardless of type, make, model or age.

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Solutions to increase safety for port personnel working in close proximity to container handling equipment.

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