Emergency Messaging in Underground Hard Rock Mining

Emergency Evacuation & General Messaging

The safety of personnel during an emergency depends on the ability to communicate evacuation instructions. At the time of an incident, personnel can be located in an area underground where communications or power infrastructure has been cut-off or may not exist at all. This leaves personnel either unaware of any impending danger or without clear instructions on what to do and which evacuation route to use.


MST’s through-the-earth (TTE) communication uses an ultra-low frequency transmission that propagates through rock strata to provide text messages to personnel regardless of their location underground. The text message receiver known as the PED® (Personal Emergency Device) integrates into the miners cap lamp battery to ensure easy adoption.

The ability to send text messages to a person wherever they are located provides a very powerful emergency warning system capability.  Not only can a person be alerted to an emergency, but be given specific instructions to best deal with the emergency, such as evacuation route to take, location of incident, etc.

Often installed as the primary evacuation warning system, it is important to note that PED is also used as a very effective day to day management communication system.  The ability to issue work instructions for the deployment of personnel and equipment and get to the right person, or group of people, wherever they are in the mine offers significant productivity benefits. Additionally, by using the PED every shift, people are familiar with its operation and the system is constantly known to be in good working order.

Custom Emergency Messages & Information

Custom Emergency Messages & Information

MST has installed this solution in over 150 underground mines in Australia, USA, Canada, China, India, Mexico and Sweden.

The Integrated Communications Cap Lamp (ICCL) is a high quality miner’s light using the Lithium-Ion technology. What sets the ICCL cap lamp apart from other mining lights is it is designed to incorporate a range of personal electronic & safety devices, such as:

  • The PED Text Receiver
  • RFID Tag
  • Proximity Alert Device (PAD)

In hard rock mines the PED Through the Earth (TTE) transmission is also used with other receiver types to:

  • Control Equipment via ControlPED
  • Remote, Centralized Blast Initiation via BlastPED
  • Vehicle and Refuge Chamber messaging via AutoPED.

For more on our Emergency Messaging solutions, please see our PED Brochure and ICCL Brochure.

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