Data Communication in Remote Construction

Data comms - RCThe construction and maintenance of pipelines, railroads, mining and other infrastructure, often requires contractors to set up temporary work sites that are very remote, sometimes 1000km or more away from the nearest city. These sites require communications services such as internet, TV and camp communications to support construction crews. Yet at these remote sites, there is typically no existing infrastructure or cellular communications service. Each of these sites have unique requirements and due to their temporary nature, it is not economical to invest in permanent infrastructure.

Now Introducing FUSION Voice

MST’s commitment to increasing productivity and safety in remote environments isFUSION Voice in vehicle, push-to-talk over Wi-Fireflected in the continued development of superior, ground breaking unified communications technology.

FUSION Voice is a unique platform, that brings together Wi-Fi based VoIP communications with traditional UHF or VHF radio systems onto a single, vehicle mounted device. Built on proven hardware (the Tait UnifyVehicle platform), FUSION Voice can operate on any 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and is optimised for roaming on the MST IMPACT software network.

FUSION Voice is easy to use, easy to install and power up, and has a 6m cable for mounting the control head, housing a loud 3W built-in speaker. The ruggedised form factor is fit for purpose in harsh conditions.

A Wi-Fi antenna is included and mounted on top of the vehicle to extend coverage. Built on proven hardware, FUSION Voice can operate on any 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and is specifically optimised for roaming on the MST IMPACT software network, supporting central configuration.  The same unit can then be switched to operate on most UHF or VHF radio systems.

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The Nixon Solution

Nixon Communications, a part of MST, provides over 37 years of expertise in turnkey Data Communications. As a one-stop communications service we can offer surveying, design, deployment, commissioning, maintenance and support with little or no capital outlay.

In addition to the voice communications provided to the construction crews building the pipeline, MST can supply and maintain a full range of camp communications for Staff and Contractors at the camp. MST will custom design and fit-out a container, and drop ship to site and have the services up the same day. Satellite base stations are also provided where a microwave link or fibre is not available.

MST understands the operational requirements and financial constraints of remote constructions, and our designs are high performance, cost optimised and fast to deploy. We are recognised for our high availability of equipment and quick deployments.

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