Asset & People Tracking in Remote Construction

Screen ShotMST’s Asset & People Tracking System reports the location and tracks the movement of personnel, equipment and containers. MST’s  system analyses and interprets location data to deliver measurement and exception reporting against various targets/KPI’s to allow the real-time management of various critical production processes.


Time & Attendance
The reporting of personnel times and exact locations within a production area can facilitate big improvements in the effective and efficient deployment of personnel. By integrating personnel’s competency requirements, the system can ensure that personnel only enter into areas or undertake tasks for which they have sufficient and up to date induction, training and accreditation. Exception reports and reminder renewal notices can be automatically generated and transmitted.

Asset Utilisation
Utilising an asset in the correct place at the correct time starts with knowing where it is. It is from this simple ability that our customers have found big improvements in asset utilisation. Further interpretation of data, provides trends and information like standing times according to location, which allows customers to make additional ongoing improvements.

Production Measurement
Tracking the movement of equipment, allow KPIs to be monitored and exceptions brought to the attention of the relevant supervisors. Various reporting and alerting systems allow the information to be shared, and acted on in real-time to quickly get the process back on track.

Emergency Mustering
In an emergency the ability to quickly locate personnel ensures safe and thorough evacuations, and supports fast and targeted search and rescue operations. Our software interprets information from Wi-Fi access points and RFID tags to record of all logins and known locations to provide real time locations of personnel.

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