VDV Leaky Feeder

Because no two mines are alike,  MST recognises the need for a tailored network solution. The site must first be analysed to determine which system is best fit for the mine. After a Leaky Feeder system is chosen, the design team puts together a network design, pointing out any factors which may hinder coverage. MST will then advise which radios work best with the Leaky Feeder network, and if the client already has radios, testing will be done to ensure their functionality. From there, power distribution, channel allocation, and channel licensing are all taken care of by MST.  The client can then choose to have the design team do an extensive site survey, test signal propagation, demonstrate system/hardware functionality, and lastly and perhaps most importantly, ensure proof of concept.


MST has a team of highly experienced radio engineers and technician that will work collaboratively with your staff to ensure they design a leaky feeder network specifically to meet your requirements. From power distribution, to channel allocation and licensing, MST can design a system to meet your performance specifications and local licensing regulations.