ImPact Digital Network

Because no two mines are alike, MST recognises the need for a tailored network solution. The site must first be analysed to determine which system is best fit for the mine. After the ImPact system is chosen, the design team puts together a network design, pointing out any factors which may hinder coverage and compensating for those. If there is an existing network in place, MST will take that into account when designing the new network, so that they can utilise as much of the existing network fibre as possible. After the network backbone has been determined, the client chooses which solutions they would like to add: whether it be operational or emergency communications, tracking, video, PLC monitoring, gas monitoring, vehicle production monitoring, etc. After additional functionalities have been chosen, the client can choose to have the design team do an extensive site survey, test signal propagation, demonstrate system/hardware functionality, and lastly and perhaps most importantly, ensure proof of concept.


MST has an experienced team of System Architects and IT Engineers that will work collaboratively with your operational and IT staff to ensure they design a digital network specifically to meet your requirements.


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