Hire Services

MST offers turnkey solutions – either permanent or temporary – where clear radio and data communications are essential.  The company is recognised for providing solutions in some of the harshest and most demanding environments in the country including mining, the oil & gas sector, construction and maintenance of pipelines, railroads and other industrial projects. MST delivers a complete end-to-end solution including designing the system, deploying towers and fixed/mobile equipment, and commissioning.

MST can also support the on-going operation of the system by providing technical support and on-site repairs and maintenance. In addition to voice communications, a suite of wider services such as internet, TV, and camp communications can rapidly be deployed to support crews in remote locations.

MST provides key benefits in terms of fast design and deployment through a uniquely designed tower system; one-stop communications service from voice through to TV and internet; little or no capital outlay through easy monthly operational invoices; and fast demobilisation when the service is no longer required, quickly reducing operating expenditures.

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