MST deep & long experience in underground mining communication systems, surface network and radio systems, and industrial infrastructure give us a rich set of services that can be selected in a “as required” fashion to improve your overall experience, and ensure you receive the maximum possible return on your investment in MST technologies. These services include:

Data Man 2Consultancy Services
Needs and gap analysis, business case analysis, solution and scope definition, feasibility studies.

Project Service
Design, configuration and installation, commissioning.

Support Services
Basic telephone support services through to sophisticated Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on-site and remote monitoring, alerting and support offering.

Managed Services
Providing business outcomes through the provision and ongoing management of technology based platforms, processes and applications

MST also offer an online Customer Support Portal for all support related issues and questions.

Consultancy Services

Over a 25 year history of innovation and implementation, MST has amassed cumulative experience of underground mining, mining systems and operational processes that are matched by few others.  With Nixon Communications  now part of the MST, we have added surface mining and remote construction expertise, in particular long-line pipeline, rail and road.

MST’s most innovative minds come together in a  central think-tank based in Sydney, Australia and includes a highly skilled team of research, development and engineering resources.

These resources can be brought to your business to identify technology and process based improvements and to quantify the impact on your business.  MST consultants can analyse actual work time vs time on shift, trip cycles vs cycle times for production equipment, and many more operational and business pains can be uncovered, quantified and addressed through our combined expertise.

For more information please contact your local MST office.

Project Services

Install Drum2wMST has adopted and adapts the PMBoK Project Methodology for all projects with a focus on outcomes and project schedule. The project process encompasses four steps that every project needs to ensure success:

Discovery – confirmation of the scope and outcomes sought, the boundaries of the work, the budget and the timeframe.

Planning – the detailed design phase in which the high level design from the proposal is fleshed out into a document or series of documents from which the solution can be built, including all meta-data, logical and physical designs, test plans and test schedules, and not least, an agreement of the end point.

Execution – which is split in order into the following phases:

  • Procurement
  • Staging and packing
  • Delivery
  • Installation and implementation
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Training and handover

Closure –  all parties agree that the project can conclude, where possible a Project Review is held and lessons learned are carried forward.

MST pay particular attention to the discovery and detailed design phases to allow our highly skilled and qualified field resources the best possible opportunity to deliver a quality outcome for our customers.

For more information about MST Project Services please contact your local MST office, ask for the National Project Delivery Manager.

Support Services

MST offer tailored Support Services for different business needs for all MST sourced and installed solutions.

MSTs Support Framework is based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), adapted for use in service delivery to remote sites. Broadly the framework is applied such that MST will provide;

A Service Desk- for recording all transaction details and updates, and for tracking of service level compliance.

Incident Management- Problem Management as an optional add-on to Incident Management.

Software Maintenance– where this is included in the support agreement. Includes all required software or firmware updates for MST provided solution elements.

Hardware Maintenance– Typically available only where on-site presence is included in the deliverables.

Reporting- Advanced reporting may also offer Capacity and Availability Management.

For more information on MST Support Services please contact your local MST office, or visit our Customer Support Portal for further assistance.

Managed Services

Managed Services for virtually any asset, virtually anywhere

Managed Services helps our customers to address total cost of output.  MST’s Managed Services started as a service that is still widely used today; the Analogue Simplex two-way VHF and UHF Radio Systems. Applied as a temporary voice communication solution during the construction of remote pipelines, railroads and roads, the services suit almost any temporary remote work site.

MST have established the means to provide managed camp solutions targeted toward shorter-term camps for the needs of construction businesses, from 2-way VHF and UHF, to complete voice, data and entertainment systems, and our team have a broad and competent knowledge of equipment, including solar infrastructure, networks, satellite, and environmental monitoring.

MST understand that every business, every mine and every site have different driving needs and we offer tailored solutions to address those needs.

For more information on MST Managed Services please contact your local MST Office.

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