Real Time Production Visibility 

Daily production processes in a mine can be optimised by monitoring real-time information for exceptions to pre-set business rules.  A coal mine in central Queensland optimised their longwall move processes by utilising MST solutions, while a copper mine over 1,000 km to the north west monitored the cycle times of their trucks and loaders to ensure planned cycles times were maintained,and ore & waste was piked up at the right location and dumped at the correct dump area.

Both mines had installed MST’s MinePhone and Personnel & Asset Tracking system and was able to use these systems to optimise the individual tasks associated with the longwall relocation and load-haul-dump cycle, respectively.  MST transformed location data into meaningful information for faster and more effective decision-making, quickly identifying and communicating to personnel any deviation from the planned or scheduled tasks.

MST’s MineDash, control room software, provided real-time visualisation, reporting and management tools to drive proactive decision making and adherence to plan. Together with the deployment of MST MinePhones, communication was transformed, both between personnel underground and between personnel underground and surface personnel. Mobile communications and immediate access to information meant that decisions could be made quickly to reduce delays and maintain productivity.

The coal for example, successfully completed the longwall move two days ahead of schedule. According to mine representatives, as the mine produces 24,000 tonnes per day at $114/tonne, the time saving offered an increase in $4.7M of total production value.

Consider how the principles of managing the longwall move could be applied to routine tasks and processes at your mine.

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The implementation of mobile operational voice and data networks and tracking solutions are changing the face of underground mining, as they have done in other industrial environments.

These solutions are not only making life easier – and safer – for those working in this harsh environment via improved communications, but they are also proving successful in achieving significantly higher personnel and asset utilisation, driving increased mine productivity.


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Raising Baseline Productivity

See further insights in World Coal’s 2014 article, “Raising the Bar” by MST’s Chris Fischer.


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