MST in the News | May 25, 2015

MST upgrade Capcoal with P25 radio system

Communications on mine sites require blast and emergency tones to warn workers of impending dangers when explosives are about to be used, or to warn workers of emergency situations at a mine site. These tones are imperative to keeping a safe workforce during underground and above ground mining operations.


MST incorporating Nixon Communications has handled the communication needs for Anglo Americans’, Capcoal mine operations for 30 years and recently installed the company’s P25 radio system.

“We were the first company in Australia able to generate these blast and emergency tones over P25,” said Gary Davis, Projects Manager, Nixon Communications.

As an underground and open cut mine located in Queensland’s Bowen Basin, Capcoal wanted to upgrade their radio systems to ensure blast and emergency tones were installed across their operations.

Working together with Omnitronics, a solution was implemented as part of the mining company’s new digital radio and dispatch system which addressed the transmission of vital emergency tones.

“Previously at the mine, they (Capcoal) had blast and emergency tones going over their analog system,” said Davis. “The new P25 system had to have it – there was no question about it. If we couldn’t do the tones, they didn’t want the new radio system.”

Capcoals safety requirements also included customising the tones by changing frequencies, timings, repetitions and volumes as well as sending status messages.

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