MST Impact Network key for Prominent Hill

Prominent Hill Mine, an OZ Mineral copper-gold operation, knows all about the challenges and the complexity and scale of large remote construction projects. Recently featured in the Australian Mining Monthly magazine, an expert communication system was critical to the efficiency and safety of operations at Prominent Hill.

Prominent Hill Impact NetworkSurrounded by complex infrastructure, and playing a key part at Prominent Hill is MST’s PED system and Impact Network which were installed to enhance the company’s ability to track its people underground while ensuring emergency situations could be quickly tracked and controlled.

From an operational perspective, the communication system not only played an important role in knowing where people and equipment were in the mine at any one given time, but from a safety and sustainability perspective, it helped to minimise accidents and it’s environmental impact as underground operations became increasingly complex as operations continued, allowing the company to focus more of their efforts and increase productivity on the development of the Prominent Hill operations.

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