MST in the News | September 8, 2010

MSHA Approval for VoIP MinePhone

MST MinePhone, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone handset for underground two-way communications, has received MSHA approval for use in US coal mines. This completes the approval of the last component for our tracking & communication system to meet the of the MINER Act 2006. Already deployed in hard rock mines, the MinePhone uses the ImPact Wi-Fi network as the communication backbone to provide two-way voice and texting along the primary and secondary escape ways underground.

The MinePhone is a VoIP telephone handset which allows private dialling between other phones in the network and the mine’s outside telephone system. Additionally, the MinePhone has 24 channels, Push-to-Talk functionality and Emergency Calling.

The Wireless Network Switches (WNS) that form a key part of the underground digital backbone also act as readers for Wi-Fi RFID Tags that are carried by miners underground, meaning a single communication network provides both communication and tracking underground.

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