ImPact MinePhone & NS40 Access Point Achieve ATEX Approval

Mine Site Technologies, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia has confirmed that its MinePhone VoIP digital phone and NS40 Wireless Access Point for integrated underground mining communications have achieved ATEX certification, Group 1 Category M1. ATEX (Appareils destinés à être utilisés en Atmosphères Explosibles) certification is for equipment and protective systems which are to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. It is the certification standard for the European Union. This certification is a confirmation of the equipments’ I.S. Intrinsically Safe) nature and certifies that it can be safely used in the environments found in underground coal mines. Formal testing of the MinePhone and NS40 was carried out by DEKRA-EXAM of Germany.

According to the EU, “A potentially explosive atmosphere is composed of mixtures of gases, vapours, mists or dusts, which can ignite under certain operating conditions.” All equipment used in these environments must be intrinsically safe (I.S.) insuring that they cannot create a spark.

Lloyd Zenari, CEO, announced, “These approvals open a new door of opportunity for Mine Site Technologies in Europe, with the installation of these technologies now being progressed in mines in Germany, Poland and Russia . We make modern and fit-for-purpose technologies vailable to our customers with a focus on enhancing safety and productivity through applied technology. We provide the opportunity for increasing productivity – safely”

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