MST in the News | February 8, 2010

ImPact Digital Tracking System for underground mine in Peru

850 RFID Tags will be used to track personnel & vehicles underground in Peru.
MST’s VoIP MinePhone is one of the available options to use with the Wi-Fi Network

A large gold mine in Peru is investing in their operations to ensure they are as safe and productive as possible.

The engineers at the mine identified the significant benefits a tracking system could offer in managing the day to day operations at their mine, as well as provide a vital safety tool for their workforce underground.After an extensive review of technology options the engineers at the mine site and head office chose MST’s ImPact Underground Digital Network as the backbone for the tracking system.

A key justification, apart from the track record of successful installations at other mines, was that our ImPact Network was truly scalable and offered other future applications when required. The Wireless Network Switches and Wireless Access Points will be placed at strategic points through the mine and act as readers for the RFID Tags carried by underground miners and attached to vehicles. The location of personnel and equipment will be known in real-time, and displayed on the main TRACKER operator software on the surface, as well as being accessed by other authorised PC’s on the mine’s LAN. The key components in this initial installation include:

  • 34 ImPact Wireless Access Points.
  • 850 Wi-Fi Tags, self contained version with internal battery.
  • TRACKER Engine and Viewer Software
  • Tag Management Suite

The digital backbone is being set up for easy expansion as the mine grows, as well as being fully Wi-Fi compliant to allow other applications and client devices to be used with the network, such as VoIP telephones underground.

MST is very appreciative of mine’s support, as this is the first installation of our underground Wi-Fi technology & tracking system in South America. MST has a number of leaky feeder radio installations in Peru and Chile, and are currently installing some more, but this is the first mine to install our digital system in the region.

More information on the Wi-Fi based RFID tracking system can be seen here.