ICCL Cap Lamp recognized for its Fit-for-purpose design

MST has been recognized by the prestigious Australian International Design Award organization for the fit-for-purpose design of its underground mining Cap Lamp. The Cap Lamp is a component of MST’s ICCL (Integrated Communications Cap Lamp) system. An ICCL provides every miner working underground with a complete single system solution for light generation, personnel tracking, and the receiving of emergency communications and alerts. The Cap Lamp design went up against formidable competition in the Business and Technology category and was judged by a panel of world renowned design and engineering experts.

icclThe MST Cap Lamp replaces the traditional incandescent bulb type lamp with a modern LED lighting and optics technology. The result is a “fit for purpose” product providing extensive improvements in battery life and lighting efficiency. The MST LED design essentially doubles the run-time battery life of the traditional incandescent lamps. In addition the ICCL Cap Lamp provides a clean beam of spectrally balanced white light.

A Cap Lamp is an essential piece of working equipment for underground miners. Many times it is an underground miner’s only light source in an otherwise pitch-dark working environment. Because of this it is an essential safety tool as well; arguably the most important piece of a miner’s PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It must function flawlessly for 12 hours or more on a single charge. The MST Cap Lamp has been designed, thoroughly tested, and certified to the requirements of underground mining.

The design of the ICCL (Integrated Communications Cap Lamp) battery pack received this same prestigious award in 2005. The result is a system which provides an integrated solution (light, tracking, alerts) for improving the safety and efficiency of every underground miner. Mine Site Technologies has sold over 20,000 units.

Stuart McLean and Glen Jones of MST attended the awards dinner in Melbourne, VIC, Australia on July 22 on behalf of MST. Stuart noted, “It was a great night, and we are very proud to have received this recognition of the high level of design, fit-for-purpose, quality that we put into our products.”

For additional information regarding the award, please contact us or go to www.designawards.com.au.