The most important factors going underground are knowing where your people and assets are, and how you can communicate with them.
Introducing AXON, our latest technology solution that builds your digital ecosystem, on one platform.

AXON Digital Platform

AXON, is a high bandwidth fibre network switch that allows multiple Wi-Fi access points to provide safety, voice and tracking capability for people and assets. In addition, AXON has an edge device that monitors, and controls various sensor driven processes to deliver automation solutions such as ventilation on demand and traffic management.

AXON delivers the below industry solutions:

  • High bandwidth low latency with 1Gb fibre and PoE+ capacity
  • Rapid deployment and interchangeable components for easy installation and maintenance
  • Plug and play power solutions for third-party sensors, cameras and IoT devices
  • Allows control and automation of everyday processes such as ventilation on demand
  • LTE/4G/5G that can be easily upgraded
  • Complete location tracking technology that is Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, LoRa and RFID capable
  • Agnostic and open source platform allowing freedom to work with OEM brands
  • Flexibility to add self-meshing portable network devices and hand-held devices for personnel connectivity and voice communications

AXON is vitally important when addressing productivity and safety requirements underground. This solution suite provides scalability and flexibility that allows a mining or tunnelling project to operate more effectively and ensure a higher return on investment.

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